Thursday, November 16, 2006


What other conclusion can you come to about O.J. Simpson now that he's going around hawking his book, If I Did It, about how he theoretically could have killed Nicole Brown Simpson. That is, if he did it.

Well, all I will say about this book and this TV stuff he is doing is this: even if he isn't lying to us with his plea of innocence, even if he really, honestly didn't do it---this is still an absolutely disgusting thing for O.J. Simpson to do to the Brown and the Goldman families. This book all by itself is totally insensitive to the feelings of the families and a total travesty. O.J. has class all right, all of it low. What a complete jerk he's proven himself to be.

Who's gonna buy this book? Fellow murderers?! Wait, wait-- I'd better not libel the guy, O.J. still claims he didn't do it. Well all I gotta say is: if you buy this book and help fill O.J.'s coffers then you are a jerk, too.

And the people at Fox Broadcasting are jerks for running the big "If I Did It" special O.J. has planned for the FOX network. This is low class, people. People over at the Fox News Channel like Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera are denouncing this and trashing their own company for running this piece of junk and promoting good old O.J.; this really is a disgrace.

As for the jury members in LA who let this lowlife go free, I really wonder how they can sleep at night. Especially knowing that this guy is going around cashing in on his infamy and bragging about the murders--- "if" he did them.

The question now is: what can be done about this creep. You can't go after him again because of double jeopardy. You can sue him, but he's been sued before and he's still running around. He's relocating to places where he can escape the creditors, thumb his nose at the victims and play golf! I'm trying to find a bright side to this sad story and there aren't any, really. The only one I can come up with is this: O.J. is DEFINITELY going to hell when he dies.

Would be nice if he went to jail. For something.

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