Thursday, November 23, 2006


Well, the heck with marriage. Look at all these big Hollywood stars getting divorced these days. Of course, the big breakup was this Britney Spears/Kevin Federline split and no doubt all the world is in agony over this.

Anyway the divorce lawyers are getting rich and USA Today has profiled a few of them. Britney has gone to a lawyer Laura Wasser, a Loyola Law School grad who repped Nick Lachey. And the USA Today article mentions a couple of others. Why the heck they didn't mention Raoul Felder, I don't know. Maybe his clients aren't famous enough.

You read stories like this and you automatically think family law is lucrative and so glamorous. The stereotype is that you get rich clients, and the other stereotype is that you meet a lot of women doing this area of law (ha! what a joke). But trust me on this one; this area isn't so great.

In fact, lots of lawyers hate this area of law and avoid it like the plague. The clients tend to be basketcases and there's a lot of hostility on both sides in a divorce proceeding. Family law is notorious for being one of the lowest-paying areas of law, right down there with criminal law and immigration law. If you want to make real money in law, you have to slave away as a corporate lawyer or do PI work--- everyone knows that. But it seems the only rich family law lawyers and criminal lawyers are in Los Angeles.

I have a personal connection to family law. I actually worked in this area for a time, and I was just so miserable doing this. It wasn't that this area was difficult or even boring. The problem was that the subject matter was very depressing. Maybe I would have liked doing family law more if I was living in Los Angeles and representing Britney Spears. In fact, I'm sure I would have, but only because I'd be living in Los Angeles and would be able to brag to girls that I was representing Britney Spears.

Family law stinks, except in California.

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