Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm watching MSNBC tonight and they are all talking about the AP wire story that the Democrats have taken the Virginia senate race with Jim Webb beating George Allen by about 7,000 votes. Word is that Allen will just throw in the towel rather than have a big recount, because this margin is just too big.

This means the Democrats take control of the Senate. I've been going over to the conservative blogs, and over to Rush Limbaugh, to get the reactions. A lot of these conservatives seem to share Limbaugh's reaction; they feel "liberated" and freed from having to defend Republican bonehead policies all the time. Limbaugh seems weary of fighting their fights for them. Others are looking forward to bashing the Democrats for the next two years, then blame them for all the problems facing the country in the 2008 presidential election.

What is clear is the Republicans have a lot of renewing of themselves to do. They've ticked off lots of people with their "big-government conservatism", what with forcing Americans to get identity cards and take their passports with them all over the world and so on. And people are fed up with the House scandals, and with the GOP legislating morality with all these FCC fines for TV, and of course the mess in Iraq. No wonder the Republicans got beat. Frankly, if the Democrats hadn't won with all they had going for them I'd say they'd never win again.

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