Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well, the big worldwide release of the new James Bond flick Casino Royale is coming up later this week and from the accounts out there it looks like they may have pulled off the revival of the series with this movie that shows how Bond became Bond. Already, Daniel Craig and the cast have met the Queen, and everyone out there in movieland is buzzing about this new blond Bond and whether he lived up to this role. Many accounts say he's pulled it off, but there's the folks out there at who are still angry and boycotting the movie. Well, let them boycott it.

I just want to see the movie, which sound gritty and true to the original Ian Fleming novels. It sounds definitely un-cartoon-like. Maybe this "prequel" Bond is exactly what the producers needed to do in order to revive this series; we'll see if it has succeeded. It should be interesting to compare this movie to all those other Bond movies that were made. I also want to see these Bond girls, it sounds like Eva Green is a different style of Bond girl from what we've seen before--- quite the heartbreaker.

Cinematical has out there a special feature, Seven Days of 007, and they have amassed a bunch of James Bond-related blog posts. Among the posts they have on display is every trailer of every James Bond flick ever made, including the original spoof version of Casino Royale that was put out by the people who made What's New Pussycat. That flick had in it Peter Sellers, David Niven and Woody Allen. And it was so bad it was a joke. They also have video from the Sean Connery unofficial Bond flick Never Say Never Again.

I'm sure there are other people doing other interesting James Bond stuff out there, so I may link to that eventually.

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