Monday, November 06, 2006


Been away from the computer for a few days. I am still on the road today, but expect to be able to post on election night tomorrow. It's the big US midterm election with the House and Senate in play and state races going on all across the United States.

I have had access to plenty of American TV from Michigan in the last few days and boy oh boy, all I will say about this election is that the attack ads are VICIOUS. Especially in Michigan. Watch all the TV newscasts on WDIV, WXYZ and these other stations, and it's all ads for Jennifer Granholm and Dick DeVos. And it seems like it's all negative ads there. There was one attack ad against one woman, claiming she missed over 400 votes. Then she ran an attack ad claiming she missed all those votes to care for her dying mother, and then claimed her opponent was a "hypocrite" who missed over a hundred votes himself! All I gotta say is I feel sorry for the people watching television in the state of Michigan. These ads are all over the airwaves and made the junk we got during our federal election look tame.

The ads from western New York are almost as vicious. The Tom Reynolds-Jack Davis house race has been particularly nasty. Reynolds ads have constantly referred to Davis as "millionaire Jack Davis", while Davis ads have made Reynolds look like a greedy bum who voted himself pay raises. Reynolds was also caught up in that whole Mark Foley scandal mess and accused of not doing enough about it. He took out ads on TV apologizing for not catching his lies earlier. Usually apologizing on TV is a good way to lose, but I think Reynolds was desperate. There was one poll that had him 15 points behind, but it has become too close to call in recent weeks.

That is a race to watch, certainly the most interesting race from New York State, and could turn the entire House to Democrat control.

I hope to blog on election night; in the meantime here are links to election news:

And in other news Saddam Hussein was convicted and sentenced to death, but he's appealing that ruling.

More later.

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