Friday, November 10, 2006


Read on TVNewser that this is a bad day at NBC, they've given some 17 staffers at Dateline NBC the boot. Dateline NBC has been cutting back bigtime and seems to be reduced these days to doing "true crime" and other stuff. I notice 48 Hours over on CBS has been reduced to this sort of thing, too. Newsmagazines on TV seem to be in deep decline.

In other bad news for NBC News, I noticed their great election night coverage got beat rather convincingly in the ratings by Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos. The reason ABC did so well was because of the lead-in, Dancing With the Stars. So plenty of people didn't bother to switch the channel.

Yes, that's right--- seems plenty of Americans are more interested in a silly dance contest than an important election that gave the boots to the GOP. But that show has intrigue going for it, you know. It's had scandals and interesting personalities. I'm sure lots of people were tuning in just to see how Jerry Springer was doing. Anyway he got the book two weeks ago, and now it's down to Mario vs. Emmitt. Not that I care much. But I appreciate why people watch Dancing, it's like--- following professional sports! You have controversy and people quitting and debates about who should be booted--- just like in baseball or football.

Anyway, Charlie Gibson ought to thank the Dancing people, they gave him victory on election night. And it's sad times for NBC, and everyone else for that matter (CBS mourning the death of Ed Bradley, FOX News mourning the defeat of the Republicans, etc. etc.).

UPDATE: Heard they booted two Dateline correspondents. Edie Magnus and Robb Stafford got the boot. Yikes.

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