Monday, October 23, 2006


Well, now a recap of what's happened in the world of sports from the weekend.

Lessee. Fernando Alonso clinched the F1 title in Brazil, in Michael Schumacher's last race. I haven't really been following the NASCAR Chase, but I guess I'm free now to tune in to that. That's the only auto racing left.

And went to the Saskatchewan Roughriders game against the Toronto Argonauts on Friday night. Good crowd on hand to see the Riders win what was really not much of a game, 13-to-9. Seems as if the Riders are playing for their coach's job right now. Danny Barrett knows his head is on the line and he basically needs to go to the Grey Cup game, and possibly even win it, in order to save his job. The Riders are frustrating to watch; one week they look like potential champions, the next they look like the worst team in the league. It's maddening for the fans. And Barrett has been there a long time, he knows his neck is way out there on the block.

That's why watching the Riders play is so interesting right now. It's like watching Survivor on TV; one loss and you're fired. Oh, wait, that's The Apprentice. Same thing. This is real reality TV at its finest, seeing Barrett sweat.

And the big story on the local sports news on Sunday was the big housecleaning in Philadelphia when Bobby Clarke resigned and Ken Hitchcock was fired from the Flyers. Big, big bloodbath. Of course, what's interesting is that this was the lead story in Canada. The lead story on the sports news in Canada was this bloodbath in Philadelphia, on a day when you had the World Series going on in Detroit, AND you had the F1 title clinched, AND you had all these NFL games going on. Yet the NHL is so important to this country that these sportscasters here feel absolutely compelled to lead with a crummy story from Philly when all these other sports stories are out there. I'm watching Hugh Burrill over on City leading with this story, with Clarke doing his "I'm burned out" routine a la Dick Vermeil.

And keep this in mind. This story happened in the United States. And this story got BURIED in the United States, too, nobody cared about it outside of Philadelphia. In fact people in Philly were probably more concerned about the Eagles game than this. But it was the top sports story in Canada. WHY??? This had NOTHING to do with Canada, yet it was the top sports story all over Canada, just because it was about hockey! It's more ridiculous hockey favoritism by the Canadian media. Really, the World Series ought to be the top story- especially that incident where Kenny Rogers was asked to remove that pine tar or whatever it was he was juicing the baseballs with from his hands. Where the heck was the coverage from Canada for this story? It's not as if there aren't baseball fans in this country! Heck, there are lots of people in Canada following the World Series and caring about it because Detroit is in it. I know of people in my neighbourhood who went to Detroit to watch playoff games. These fans are getting the shaft by the sportscasters. I know Bob McCown covered it, but handly anyone else in Canada did. I just don't get it.

I don't understand why Canadian TV keeps up their saturation coverage of the NHL when this sport is becoming increasingly meaningless with the general public. Nobody in the USA CARES anymore, the TV ratings are less than AWFUL. They are getting dreadful ratings on a network, "Versus" that nobody even cares about. Nobody watches their low-rated "game of the week", they are too wrapped up in baseball and the NFL on the other stations. Yet people in Canada still want to call this a major sport!

I dunno, I guess I'm fed up with hockey. I just don't understand why Canadians keep cheering on a sport that has hosed them so often with strikes and lockouts and high ticket prices and all that sort of thing. Not that other sports are any better, but it just boggles the mind that these hockey players get away with all sorts of nonsense with the Canadian public.

That's it for my rant on sports; tomorrow I'll be attending to some housecleaning of my own. Just like what happened in Philly, except this time I'll be doing it! Goodday!

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Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

To be fair, nobody in America seems to care about Kenny Rogers and the World Series either....

(I'm still mad that Sportsnet West didn't air an LCS game last week because it was rained out and the next day interfered with the Oilers game)