Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Expect fewer posts at THE CAIRNS BLOG for a few days as I devote a lot of my time to a lot of other things happening right now--- mainly, baseball.

I'm watching the baseball playoffs among other things, and so I will concentrate my efforts on watching the playoffs. And I'll be tuning in to WFAN to hear these miserable Mets fans whine and complain. After game 3, the Mets fans were all screaming mad and calling for peoples' heads. Inconsolable. They'll be screaming if they lose tonight, but they may be able to rally in tonight's game yet.

I also have political stuff to tend to and that will keep me away from here, too, but I am fed up already. The only reason I'm involved in it is because I was so involved heavily in the past, but I've been trying to "retire from politics" for a while now. I've gotten all my bigtime campaign experience; I'm done. But they aren't done with me.

It is the high political season and one of our local candidates is looking to round up people for a big night of stuffing envelopes...but it's envelopes with invites for people to shell out money for a big fundraiser coming up. That's right, a fundraiser. For the FEDS. What they ought to be doing is rounding up people to stuff envelopes for the ELECTION.

Really, the municipal vote is the most important thing right now. All this is doing is taking time away from helping out these municipal candidates who are campaigning in the election, but this is what they want to do. I was roped into helping with this but quite frankly, the only reason I'm doing this is because I'm such a good guy. But these folks organizing this thing are a little too gung-ho and too into politics. I don't know yet if it's definitely going to go ahead but it sounds like it will, so I'll have to show my face. I'm also starting to get calls from people asking me to join their municipal campaigns and help them lose again. I am tempted to be not such a good guy to them.

I want to say no to helping people lose elections, and yes to the World Series this year. What can I say? I am truly burnt out with campaigns and elections.

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