Monday, October 16, 2006


You know, I'm very interested not simply in TV news but in the whole TV business. I should really forget about pursuing TV news as a reporter and instead go the management or talent agency route, because I have a big interest in the business side and feel I have a lot of common-sense ideas about how things should be run and what kind of projects should get off the ground.

Anyway, read that a long-time agent representing TV news people, Babette Perry, was hired by IMG as a vice-president in their Los Angeles office, handing broadcasting clients. What's interesting is that even though she was a successful agent who represented a number of clients, including Tom Bergeron and people like that, she was one of the big losers in the shakeup over at ICM. As was widely reported in the entertainment press (by the real entertainment reporters), ICM bought out the Broder, Webb, Chervin, Silbermann Agency a few months back. The good news was that they created this strong superagency, but the bad news was a lot of agents got sacked in the merger. A lot of highups in the ICM agency hit the road, including Perry. It was surprising because she seemed to have a lot of clients, but that's the agency business for you. I read the book The Agency, all about William Morris, and read about all the firings and shakeups over there over the years. Also read a book called The Mailroom, also about all these big agencies in Hollywood. Working at a bigtime talent agency can be great but it's very hard work, and you can fall victim to some of these mergers.

IMG actually represents a ton of clients in the entertainment and sports industry. Actually, they are better known as a sports agency and have offices just about everywhere. Their head office is out of Cleveland, Ohio. They are known for representing athletes, while ICM is known for representing actors, directors and writers in Hollywood. I actually met with IMG in Toronto for an informational interview about the whole agency business and noticed on their wall there was a picture of Jody Vance up there, so she must have been a client. Their broadcasting division consists of a lot of names from the world of sports, people like Bob Costas. Gretchen Carlson is also a client, maybe it's the Cleveland connection because she worked there about a decade ago. Now she's gotten a promotion to a new job as co-host for Fox and Friends over on the Fox News Channel, so one of these agents there is bound to be happy, extracting more money out of Roger Ailes.

Also watched an episode of Entourage tonight on Citytv, featuring that Ari Gold character played by Jeremy Piven. All I will say is that the Ari Gold character is the reason to watch this show. He is just soooooo slimy, too into the deal and all that, and he's hilarious.That's why this show is so good, because this guy Ari is such a slick slimeball. As I say, I'd like to be an agent but I'm not sure I'd want to be Ari. I'd be more of a Jerry Maguire type with principles, but heck that's no way to get ahead with some of these agencies and my fear is that I'd probably have to be more like Ari to make it.

"Hug it out, bitch!" Right.

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Good to see your a fellow fan of Jody's so you might like to come to this page.

Jody herself drops by and just posted yesterday. I recall she was with IMG as she told us before.