Monday, October 16, 2006


Well, we know already who are the big winners and losers in the TV ratings race this years. The losers we know about- they've been cancelled already. Now we know who the early winners are.

Heroes (NBC), Jericho(CBS), Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters (ABC) have all been picked up for the full season. Not doing quite as well are Shark (CBS) and Men in Trees (ABC) but from the looks of it those shows are likely to be picked up as well.

All the rest of the shows on the air are in variousdegrees of difficulty. Some are in trouble, others are in big trouble. Right now I would say that all the shows on FOX face the cliff, and NBC's entire lineup is pretty much a wreck. The general consensus out there is that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is certain to be cancelled, though things could turn around. But so many of these Internet bloggers hate this freaking show

Friday Night Lights is getting creamed. I didn't see the pilot for this show, but I did see episode 2 and all I will say about it is this is superb television. The people at home are all a bunch of idiots if they don't watch this show and keep it on the schedule, though it doesn't really seem like a series that has hit written all over it. There's a move afoot by a few bloggers to try and convince all these family-values-type people to tune in to this show, because this ought to be the kind of television show they should watch. These bloggers are saying there are all these boycotts going on of all of these shows; so now that network TV is serving up a family show that isn't a total piece of junk, people ought to shut up and watch it!

Anyway we'll see what happens. Last I checked this show wasn't yet cancelled, but it's hanging by a thread.

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