Sunday, October 08, 2006


Our live continuing coverage of the debacle that is the Roeper-Without-Ebert Show continues. How many weeks has it been now, five weeks? Eight? I've lost count.

All I will say about this situation is that my regular weekend routine is basically ruined. Usually I really enjoy weekend TV, they run all these movies and some half-decent reruns and all the sports, but I realize what a void has been created with Roger gone. What is there to watch on weekends besides his show? Access Hollywood?! Star Trek? CSI reruns? Soul Train? The George Michael Sports Machine? Infomercials starring Kevin Trudeau!?

Well, at least Star Trek is pretty good, but face it. That movie review show that Ebert always did was always one of those types of shows you looked forward to watching on the weekend. I'm a big sucker for movie shows in general. But as predicted by myself and everyone else, Ebert and Roeper has now completely gone into the tank with Ebert in the hospital. What's really sad is it appears there are some good movies around now which we could get some decent Ebert opinions on, like The Departed, or The Last King of Scotland. Or The Queen. Instead we get Richard Roeper and whatever fool he has with him, giving their useless opinions. Last week it was Kevin Smith. This week it's TV Guide Channel film expert/Canadian Zorianna Kit.

David Poland, who obviously has it in for Zorianna Kit, trashes her and the entire show in this blog post at The Hot Blog. Basically he spends the whole blog post trashing what the show has become with Kevin Smith and Jay Leno and Aisha Tyler, and all these other supposed "critics" coming on to sit in the balcony and warm Ebert's seat until he comes back. Poland actually used the "whore" word to describe the show. Strong language.

He has a point. At least back when Gene Siskel died, the guest critics brought in were real critics. They brought in Joel Siegel, they brought in Joyce Kulhawik, they brought in all these people. Never mind that they sucked--- at least they were real professionals! But these latest "critics" are a joke, especially these ones who make their living telling jokes. As for Kevin Smith, who probably has more credibility than most of these other folks as a director, he liked every movie he watched last week and was easy as heck! So he was no help at all.

Poland went so far to suggest that Disney seemed to be auditioning for a permanent replacement to Roger Ebert. I'm surprised to read that, because supposedly Ebert is screening movies from his hospital bed and is raring to go back to work. At least, that's the line of bull we are supposed to believe. Back in 1999 they said Gene Siskel was "recuperating" when he was actually "dying".

If this truly is an audition session with Disney looking for a replacement to Ebert, and if they decide to permanently put in Aisha Tyler or some other idiot with Roeper, this show will definitely be finished. It will be beyond repair - the credibility of the show will be totally up in smoke. They are better off ending the show than allowing it to go on like that. I happen to agree with the poster who said that if Ebert leaves, he's done watching. My thoughts exactly.

I sure want to believe that Ebert is coming back real soon. It can't come fast enough for this show.

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