Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well, back to reading the news for me. Hmmm... Kim Jong-Il testing nuclear weapons and threatening World War III, a gruesome sex scandal engulfing the US Congress going on... and now this awful plane crash tragedy in New York City.

As for good news--- what good news? That stocks are up?

Who cares about that these days with all the bad news out there. Is it any wonder that I don't blog much about the news, when this is what the news is? I don't want to watch the news.

It turns out Cory Lidle of the New York Yankees was on board that plane that hit that New York highrise building, and he was one of the people killed. See for the live coverage.

There's baseball on TV tonight, but who really wants to watch baseball tonight after this day. The Mets game got rained out, too--- probably just as well.

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