Monday, October 23, 2006


I am back from my evening stuffing envelopes, and I've been actually quite active doing politics in Toronto the last few days, that's why I've been gone from the computer. I was at a Jane Pitfield event on Saturday, then there was local stuff. Nothing worth talking about. In fact the good news is that that's it, I don't need to do any more political junk for awhile now, anyway.

As I say, I'm really tired of it and also discouraged and burnt right out, and I'm not alone. Lots of conservative-type people are tired and fed up and discouraged in Toronto with local politics. Already, it's clear to me that many of the local conservative candidates aren't going to do very well in the municipal election. Not well at all. One local candidate I know of has a fundraiser planned, and someone told me about all the problems she was having getting people to come out for this thing.

Personally, I have a lot more going on right now than the election. In fact it's almost certain now that I won't even be in town for the big vote. These political people are all on the prowl looking for all sorts of commitments from me to do this, that and the next thing, all this useless campaign nonsense, but it makes no difference to me now because I won't even be in Toronto on election day. I'm looking to get out of politics anyway. I'm sick and tired of the name-calling like what's gone on in Ottawa last week, with Peter MacKay allegedly calling Belinda a "dog". Also, the Garth Turner thing has me disgusted a bit. Now I hear he may join the Greens. So what! I have a big "who cares" attitude right now to the whole thing.

Citytv hosted the mayor's candidates debate on TV yesterday and there was some woman who stood up in the audience and got the microphone, and blathered that she was fed up because she expected a "non-partisan", town-hall-type debate at that thing, and that there wasn't the civil debate that there was when David Miller ran against John Tory for mayor last time. And I'm going "are you kidding me"? That mayor's debate last night was civilized compared to the free-for-all in 2003 when you had five candidates up there debating. Those debates last time put the WWE to shame. I remember John Nunziata acting like a pit-bull terrier, and Tom Jacobek on fire, and all these candidates yelling at each other. It was actually great television, but it was fierce and loud with lots of interruptions. Not that the debate the other night was any big improvement. But really, what did this woman expect? For these three to agree with one another? In fact I thought I heard Stephen LeDrew invite David Miller over for dinner or something, on TV. I don't see what this woman at the debate was complaining about.

Anyway, that's the weekend in politics, from my vantage point. Suffice it to say I'm just not that into this thing, and that's a surprise even to me, because usually I'm really interested in politics. Not this fall.

And it's cold out. Rats.

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