Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well, continuing my nonstop fair-and-balanced political coverage this week, I was at the big Ontario PC event at the CNIB, the big One Year to Victory event. The big news was that John Tory stood on stage and announced he would be seeking the PC nomination in Don Valley West.

You know, these guys in the media are so biased; they were all talking about how Tory lives in George Smitherman's riding, and so why doesn't he simply go up against Smitherman and get his head blown off. They were making it look like he had no connection at all to Don Valley West! The fact is that Tory lived in Don Valley West for 48 years and was a major part of that riding's executive for a long period of time. So don't give me any of this bull about how he's some sort of carpetbagger or any of that, running here. He was more of a carpetbagger, let's face it, going into Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey for the byelection. But he had no choice; the Conservatives had no seats in Toronto. So he had to run somewhere. Besides, representing a rural area was good for him. He got exposed to the issues that rural folks are worried about, so he's more likely to deal with their problems when he gets into government. He'll end up a better premier because of it.

Now he's honoring a commitment he made to run in Toronto. I sure hope people in Don Valley West are going to be impressed by the fact that this guy's keeping his word. I sure hope so, but this is a tough seat these days. The seat is currently held by the education minister Kathleen Wynne. But for the longest time this was a PC seat, it used to be held by David Turnbull. Dennis Timbrell also represented the area at one point in time, but that was years ago. Of course, the problem is that if Tory loses in Don Valley West, well, where is he to go? He won't be able to go back to Orangeville again, not after abandoning them this time. Everyone there will be all mad at him for leaving. John Tory had better win in Don Valley West, or else.


Anyway it was a great event, great food, met a lot of political people I knew from the previous races I was a part of.

This is a municipal election year and there were plenty of municipal candidates in attendance. Jim Conlon, running in ward 33 against incumbent Shelley Carroll, was there among others.

There was a guy there who was running in the municipal elections and trying to hide from the TV cameras. He didn't want to be shown on TV because even though he's a Conservative, he's running a "non-partisan" campaign in his area and wants to serve as a non-partisan elected official for "all the people" if successful. So he didn't want people to get the wrong impression of him or be turned off that he's a Conservative! But that's the nature of municipal politics, people aren't running on party lines in these races. In Jane Pitfield's old ward there are something like 15 candidates and more than one Conservative running for council. When John Tory ran for mayor he had the backing of both Conservatives and Liberals and even had red signs, even though everyone knew he was a PC.

Also met a former camera guy from my old TV days in the region of Peel--- he was doing stuff for Omni TV. Nice to know all the great stories I did with him got him a better gig with a big TV station in Toronto.

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