Saturday, October 28, 2006



Well, it's already started, folks. The copyright people are complaining and now YouTube is having people pull down all these copyrighted clips from these TV shows. These Japanese TV networks forced all of their ripped-off clips to be taken down off of YouTube and now I notice that a lot of other clips from Hawaii Five-O, Cannon, Mannix et. al. have been pulled.

Noticed that one guy who posted a lot of really good nostalgia-type TV clips had his account pulled. It's sad. So enjoy it while it lasts, folks, because these clips ain't gonna be around very long. And oh, here's a clip of the opening titles from the second season of Harry O. Much different from the first season's version.


Speaking of opening titles, you may have noticed a bunch of recent news stories spouting off about the "trend" towards getting rid of theme songs and opening titles for TV shows. They are saying that theme songs have disappeared from TV because viewers are so trigger-happy and have a short attention span. What a load of nonsense these stories are.

This "trend" has been going on for years, for one thing, and the other thing is that a lot of shows have managed to retain their theme songs despite the move towards shorter opens. All the CSIs, all the Law and Orders, Without a Trace, Survivor and all these reality shows, American Idol, House, Justice, Standoff, E.R., Desperate Housewives, Family Guy and the rest of the cartoons on FOX on Sundays, COPS--- lots of them still have theme songs. Most of them, in fact!

So I don't see what they're talking about. Maybe these writers don't watch FOX, because practically all the shows on FOX still have theme songs- except for maybe 24, which consists of a countdown clock drumbeat instead of theme music. And maybe they don't watch the procedurals on CBS because those shows all have theme songs. Maybe these writers should get off the Internet and actually watch TV.

Stay tuned--- there's some game show stuff I want to link to at YouTube. And some funny early clips from the kids show Sesame Street. Fun stuff.

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