Sunday, October 01, 2006


Just got back from a political event locally- Angela Kennedy is running for re-election to the Catholic School Board again and she had a campaign event today that I went to and met some people I know there. And no, I am not Catholic.

So anyways, I will say that I don't feel left out of all the political fun, what with all the political happenings going on all over the country involving the Liberals. Municipal elections are on and so there is plenty of action for everyone from every political stripe right now. I will say this, leadership races- real ones, not these one-sided blowouts a la Paul Martin- are lots of fun, so I do kind of envy the Liberals right now.

Check out the excellent coverage of the Liberal leadership delegate selection over at Democratic Space. Good stuff. They are reporting that Michael Ignatieff is the clear winner in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Bob Rae is the winner in Newfoundland and Labrador, and also is the winner in Prince Edward Island. In terms of a regional breakdown, Stephane Dion is stronger in the east, while Gerard Kennedy is stronger out west. Kennedy is not doing well at all in Quebec. Ignatieff is strong pretty much everywhere and is battling Kennedy in Ontario, while Rae expects a big result from B.C. returns. Dion's strongest showing out West appears to be in Saskatchewan.

Doing much worse than expected is Ken Dryden, currently running around 5%. People were expecting him to get 9% or 10%. Not sure yet whether Manitoba has reported in, Manitoba is supposed to be Dryden's strongest province. But it looks like he's toast. And Scott Brison is now behind even Joe Volpe.

Also, with over half the vote in Gerard Kennedy has very recently pulled ahead of Stephane Dion into third place. Looks like we have a very close four-man race right now at the top, with Michael Ignatieff still holding fort with 30% of the delegate vote.

More later.

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