Thursday, October 05, 2006


It took a while but the casualties are finally starting to mount in the TV death pool.

KIDNAPPED is DONE. This show was critically acclaimed but viewer-impaired so NBC has told the show to wrap it up by episode 13. It could even be pulled "any day now" according to one source (a blog I read).

So Kidnapped officially gets "Cancelled" but again, it isn't totally yanked off the air. Both Justice and Happy Hour are in a similar limbo, though attempts may be afoot to save Justice. (More later.) And FOX is continuing to show episodes of Happy Hour even though this show is dead on its feet. I'm really surprised FOX is allowing this piece of junk to stay on the air. What will be the first show to be pulled from the air completely? Maybe it will be Runaway on the CW. What, you never heard of that show? Neither has anyone else! Boy, the ratings over there at the CW are nothing short of disasterous.

NBC's season hasn't been very good either. Friday Night Lights apparently isn't doing so hot, and people are roasting Studio 60. What else can I say? NBC is really getting killed.


Found out while watching FOX baseball tonight that Justice is being moved to Mondays, right after Prison Break, in what looks to me like a last-gasp attempt to save that show. FOX was airing promos announcing the move tonight. Vanished is moving to Fridays, and a game show The Rich List, takes over on Wednesdays in the Justice slot, opposite LOST. Details here. The Rich List is apparently a big hit abroad, in jolly old England.

Standoff will also be switching time slots with House on Tuesdays; maybe they want to give House a better time slot.
Also: Til Death and Happy Hour are coming back after the World Series is over, presumably to fill time until American Idol comes back. For all the news on the changes, read here.

We'll keep you posted on the TV Death Pool and so on--- apparently Ugly Betty is the biggest hit among the new fall shows so far.

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