Saturday, October 07, 2006


I had promised to give a rant on what to do to turn around CBC Television and make it great again, and yet I keep getting sidetracked. Meanwhile all these other folks have their own bright ideas, none of which are any good.

One bigshot guy at the CBC has made a suggestion: he says the CBC should get out of broadcasting hockey, and secondly get out of doing regional news.

Great. How about a third suggestion: get rid of what remains of CBC 's viewers.

I know that the CBC is going to lose hockey to CTV pretty soon, everyone knows CBC doesn't have the money to match a 1.4 billion bid. But that doesn't mean CBC should get out of covering hockey. Why can't they split the rights with CTV? CBC can afford a deal like that, surely! Personally, I don't know why CTV would object to a deal like that, why should they want to waste all 1.4 billion dollars of their own cash on NHL rights?! Let CBC spend money on the rights too, and show some games! Besides, Hockey Night in Canada is the top show on CBC hands down. So even suggesting that the idea of CBC getting out of the hockey broadcasting business is a good one is ridiculous.

There are also people who want to get rid of the regional newscasts. These people are used to living in Toronto where there are several local newscasts on several stations. They are not used to living in London, Ontario, with one local newscast and the rest beamed in from Toronto. They are not used to living in Saskatoon, with only two local newscasts and a third one beamed in from Regina. And look at Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver that recently had Citytv newscasts taken away from them. I think CBC should be doing more regional news, not less, just to fill this void. Local news is what drives viewers to your local stations! There's also a big need for local newscasts that will get away from the fires-and-crime coverage of the other stations and provide more political coverage, more business coverage, and so on. In fact I would trace the beginnings of the CBC's problems to the day they killed those local newscasts across Canada in 1990, and again when they cut them in half to serve up Canada Now at 6:30PM. People in places like Saskatoon or Windsor need to have a local option from the CBC at 6PM, otherwise it will just be a monopoly situation from the crime experts at CTV and Global!

Anyway, that's my rant about that and I'll get around to ranting about the rest of what CBC should do later.

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