Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Well, it's finally happened. Garth Turner was kicked out of the Conservative caucus today, amid accusations of breaches of caucus confidentiality.

And personally, I don't know what to make of this. I really don't think it is a good idea to kick people out of a party just because you have a reputation for being open to the press and everyone else. Garth himself is unrepentant: check out his web site That's the other thing: the Conservatives are all mad at him for blogging. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I agree that members should speak their minds and represent their constituents first. It would do Parliament the world of good if they allowed MPs more freedom to speak their minds. But this isn't the United States where a guy like John McCain could get away with this nonsense. This is Canada, and Garth was just too uncontrollable. He just didn't know when to tow the line and shut up. I know a lot of conservatives hated Garth. They thought he had a lot of liberalish views and was a closet Liberal. But then again, lots of people thought the same thing about Belinda.

I just don't like this very much. How the heck this helps the Conservatives, I don't know. It just looks bad, and it will look even worse once Garth heads to the Liberals. The Conservatives will have basically thrown away Halton. Also, the polls show that the Conservatives and Liberals are basically tied right now and all I will say about that is: don't people in this country read the headlines or watch the news?! The people of Canada are a bunch of fools if they really want to put either Michael Ignatieff or Bob Rae in as prime minister. Both are disasters waiting to happen, especially Ignatieff who has been shooting off his big mouth about Israel and getting people mad at him over his comments.

Conservatives will say they aren't scared of either of these two jokers, but I am worried--- worried they'll actually get in and wreak havoc on Canada. Maybe people in the PMO should start getting a little bit more concerned about the prospect : it might do their own re-election chances the world of good if they did.

As for me, the good news is that this whole blowup with Garth has helped push back that big envelope-stuffing session that was planned. Good, I can watch sports on TV.

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