Sunday, October 08, 2006


I was too wrapped up with baseball and the return of hockey to notice there was a Formula One race on in Japan. In fact I wish there was more coverage of this race from these radio stations I tune into: then maybe I would have tuned in late at night! Serves me right for listening to WFAN all the time and their auto racing non-coverage.

Apparently Michael Schumacher could have wrapped up the F1 title if things had gone right. And in fact he was leading the race most of the way! Instead, his Ferrari blew out in the 37th lap and Fernando Alonso won the race for Renault. Alonso only needs one point in Brazil to clinch the F1 title and he can get it if he finishes in the top 8 or if Schumi fails to win.

I'm sad that the F1 season is almost over, but I'm really happy that we've seen actual drama this year. Slowly but surely F1 is getting better and more competitive, but it may be too late for a lot of race fans in North America who have switched totally to NASCAR and don't care at all about these foreign guys anymore. Already everyone in Montreal can't wait to see the racers circle their track in the Busch Series in 2007.

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