Monday, September 18, 2006


Still keeping an eye on the TV death pool, though nothing of note has been cancelled yet. Shouldn't be long now, though.


So far my prediction of Happy Hour being the first one to get the hook looks pretty good; I looked at the ratings for the FOX network from Thursday night and this lousy show was EMBARRASSED. It finished something like #11 ON THE NIGHT, and the only shows it beat were those reruns on the dying UPN and WB networks. It is also getting zero help from its lame Brad Garrett lead-in Til Death, which at this point in time is fighting for survival but doing much better than Happy Hour. I read that it finished seventh on the night, which isn't great, either. Anyway, it sure looks like Happy Hour is in the deepest trouble of any new show. At this rate it will be gone for good once the baseball playoffs start- the only question is whether it will get the hook before then.

We'll see what happens when Ugly Betty debuts in the same time slot over on ABC- if that show does well, then it's curtains for both Happy Hour and Til Death. On the other hand, if these two lame shows beat Ugly Betty, then Ugly Betty will get the boot for sure. But that show doesn't hit the air for another couple of weeks. The only thing that looks certain is this: at least one of these three shows is going to be cancelled. Soon. As in, within a month.


Another show already in deep trouble is Justice. It started out great, but the show has dropped like a rock in its time slot on Wednesdays. The problem is the lead-in, Bones. Nobody's watching that show, either, so as a result, the FOX network is being trounced on the night, finishing in fourth place. Again, the story is ABC and the strength of some of its shows like Dancing With the Stars, which has been winning its time slot for its Tuesday and Wednesday airings and making life miserable for the people at FOX---- not to mention NBC.

In fact I think Justice is suddenly a serious contender for the first-show-to-be-cancelled title. FOX is notoriously trigger-happy; either a show does well quickly or it's out. I could see it happening. They could just plant a repeat of the previous night's House episode, and probably do better-- because House is the top show airing on the entire FOX network right now. And that 9PM time slot on Wednesday is death. Once LOST starts up again in that 9PM time slot, Justice is going to be FINISHED, unless the people at FOX take pity on them and move them to another night. Maybe this show will get moved to Thursday after Til Death and Happy Hour are cancelled. I gotta say, the baseball playoffs can't come fast enough for the FOX network. That network is getting killed.

As I say ABC is doing pretty well right now and it is entirely due to Dancing With the Stars. They were able to plant the premiere of that Anne Heche show Men in Trees right after Dancing aired, and that show managed to win its time slot so it is out of danger, for the moment. People had talked about that show being an early contender to get the boot. Maybe it will still end up getting cancelled, the ratings are already starting to slip--but I doubt seriously that it will be the first to go. The new FOX dramas Standoff and Vanished do not appear in immediate danger, either, though I hear that the TV fans hate Vanished and are crucifying that show on the message boards. So I think that show is sinking fast.

I don't know how much longer ABC can milk Dancing With the Stars- all the TV news fans who tuned in to watch Tucker Carlson embarrass himself on the dance floor are going to take a hike, because Tucker was in fact the first to get the boot.

We'll keep you posted.

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