Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well, all I gotta say about Deal or No Deal is that this is one addictive show.

This week NBC is pulling out all the stops and showing Howie Mandel and the suitcase babes all week, trying to milk all the ratings and get NBC over the top in its big premiere week. Last night, one lucky contestant won the biggest payday in the history of the show, over 600 grand. Unfortunately for him, he ended up cashing out too early. It turned out his suitcase had three million dollars in it. His offers would have kept on going up and up. Had he held onto it he would've won three million dollars! The fool. Anyway I know there are all these people out there who claim to hate the show and all that, but so far Deal is winning big for NBC. They won their time slot and the premiere of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip did well enough to earn NBC a win on the first night of the new fall season.

But Studio 60 finished second in its time slot to CSI: Miami--- or, as some wags call it, CSI: Rio--- because these jokers are in Brazil right now.

In other news, this is the 35th anniversary season of The Price is Right on CBS. And I swear that set hasn't changed in 35 years, either. About the only thing still constant about the show is Bob Barker. The rest of the cast has totally changed. Two of their previous announcers have died, and they got rid of so many of Barker's Beauties that it is a joke. They fired Janice Pennington because she got too old! And too many lawsuits have been filed over the years from all these bitter models who've gotten the boot and were otherwise mad about their treatment.

So in one sense this isn't the same show it used to be, but in many respects it is. It's still the same old pricing games and "come on down!!!". It's comforting to know that when you're at home from work sick in bed, or on your vacation or something like that, you can still turn on the TV at 11AM each day and watch The Price is Right.

That's 11AM, 10AM Central and Mountain, for those of you in Peoria.

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