Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, about the legal procedural Shark on CBS, all I have to say is: Great actor (James Woods). Lousy show.

The problem is the writing; pretty uninspired plot if you ask me. This looks like yet another run of the mill legal show to me. My first thought was that this was the legal clone of House, and in fact that's what lots of people say about this show. Replace the doctors with a bunch of prosecutors and it's the same concept. Except Sebastian Stark isn't nearly as interesting or complicated as the cranky Dr. Gregory House. Stark is just a big jerk.

But Woods carried this episode, otherwise- it was a great performance. You can tell that underneath this jerk exterior is a guy who loves his daughter and has some morals about him. Too bad about the rest of the show, but maybe it will improve.

It looks to me as if Justice and Shark are both going to cancel each other out (pardon the pun). I'm convinced Justice is finished, dead on its feet. And James Woods looks to go the way of Richard Dreyfuss and Geena Davis and all these other big Hollywood actors who got their shows cancelled. It couldn't have helped matters for Shark that Grey's Anatomy beat CSI and that ABC won the night in a big upset.

Doctor McDreamy strikes again. All these women are Grey's addicts.

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