Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well, the Toronto International Film Festival will go on without Roger Ebert. Just like his show.

This blogger has taken a stab at reviewing the reviewers for the last few weeks of the Ebert and Roeper show, and I pretty much agree with the assessment. All I gotta say is that it is SAD that Jay Leno, of all people, was the best of the bunch in Roger's seat. But that's not saying much.

That link I gave you compared the current crop of replacements to that bunch of mediocrities that were served up on the syndicated At the Movies after Siskel and Ebert left. They got a better deal from Disney, so they walked and At the Movies got taken over by the dynamic, long-forgotten duo of Rex Reed and Bill Harris! When Siskel and Ebert left PBS years earlier, they were replaced by another dreadful duo, Jeffrey Lyons and Michael Medved. Man, that was a lousy show; they liked every movie they saw, those two fools.

Like I say: come back, Ebert. And soon. Because this show is DYING without you.

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