Wednesday, September 06, 2006


A few notes about the new FOX show, now in its second week:

(1) Someone should remind this group of defense lawyers (and the writers of this show) that it is the PROSECUTION that always has the burden of proof in a criminal trial! This isn't civil law, here. The prosecutors have to prove their case against the accused beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense team doesn't have to prove that their client's innocent! In fact, if the prosecutors don't have a case, the defence can move to have the whole case thrown out! They don't need to lift a finger, sometimes! All they have to do is poke enough holes in the prosecution's case to get an acquittal. That's it!

(2) Would you hire these goofballs?! They are always yelling at their own clients, and that Ron Trott guy is always on the verge of a seizure all the time, he is so wrapped up. I wouldn't put up with treatment like that from my lawyers, getting screamed at all the time. And they are always this close to losing the case. If these guys were really any good, they would have objected to some of the outrageous demonstrations the prosecutors were putting on, all this inflammatory stuff. They'd get the prosecution evidence tossed out of court beforehand, if these guys were any good! Trott was saying how they made a point of taking every case to trial, that they don't do deals! Well, there's a reason every case goes to trial: because they're too incompetent to get these cases tossed out! They just want to drag out the case so they can milk their clients for all they are worth.

Really, who'd hire these bums?! Their victories are pure luck.

(3) When are they going to have that big episode when the client fires the lawyers or the lawyers walk off the case in disgust? Hey, it happened before with Michael Jackson. And Robert Blake.

Other than that, this show's great and should run for ten years ---- the reverse Law and Order. And that babe who does the Nancy Grace thing on the show is a riot.

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