Saturday, September 23, 2006


You would think that now that it is officially the fall that the movies would be better. Well, I'm looking at the junk at the local cinemas and all I will say is that I wish the film festival were back on so I could have seen all the movies that I didn't get a chance to see, because all these movies at the cinemas are bad, bad, bad. Roger Ebert should probably take his time recuperating from cancer surgery, because he ain't missing much.

Two flicks that are opening this week, Fearless and Jackass II, are getting positive reviews--- Jackass is floating at the borderline of 60% over at Rotten Tomatoes.

It's pretty sad that Jackass II is considered a good movie, when you think of it. Incidentally, last week's top five movies were all crud. Look at Rotten Tomatoes' rankings:

41% Gridiron Gang $14.4M
32% The Black Dahlia $10.0M
40% Everyone's Hero $6.1M
02% The Covenant $4.8M
47% The Last Kiss $4.6M

The Covenant actually was Number One at one point. Yet only 2% of movie critics gave it a positive writeup. Even Sharon Stone's piece of junk Basic Instinct II did better--- and it only got a 6% approval rating!

All the King's Men is coming out, too, and that film died at the Toronto Intl. Film Festival--- it was crucified in fact. It had a Tomatometer rating at 19% last I looked. That's really bad. The Last Kiss also died here, too.

You know, it is sad that the movies out right now are so bad. I've been decompressing for a few days since the film festival ended and was so burned out, but now, you know, I feel like getting back into the moviegoing groove. See a few flicks at the local movie house instead of at the art house, for a change. But who wants to pay to go to the movies when the films are no darn good? Might as well stay at home and keep watching the networks roll out their latest shows on TV.

Then again maybe this was the plan all along by the studios. Roll out the duds in the theaters so that people will stay home and watch their premieres on TV. Wouldn't be surprised. It's all a big conspiracy.

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Reel Fanatic said...

You're definitely right that the selection should be better this time of year .. I have to admit I'm a sucker for Jackass, though, so I'll see that eventually .. first I'm gonna go see "Fearless" later today