Sunday, September 10, 2006


I want to welcome all you visitors to THE CAIRNS BLOG who found this web site by entering the search term "Jacqueline Milczarek". Thank you very much.

In other news Alex Pierson got the boot over at Citytv and Sharon Caddy left CTV Toronto for Canadian Learning Television. What the heck is going on here, with all the firings going on and people quitting?! Where is Jacqueline Milczarek going to go next, Fox News?!

And why the heck is Citytv's newscast getting beat not only by CTV and Global, but by CH!! That's right, Citytv got beat in Toronto by a station in Hamilton!!! That's really embarrassing.

Maybe it's because those folks wreaking havoc in Caledonia all the time makes for great television and CH has been all over that story with live remotes and the like. I gotta hand it to them, they're doing a good job.

And Citytv has been getting rid of too many people. Talk about a news operation that is in deep trouble, folks. They booted Harold Hosein onto the street, and Liza Fromer quit as co-host of the morning show. And don't forget that political specialist Adam Vaughan quit, too, earlier this year. Vaughan left because he's running for Toronto city council, joining other TV personalities like Ben Chin and Peter Kent in taking a stab at public office. What's scary is that he might actually win and join all the other lefties at City Hall.

One of the issues Vaughan is mad about these days is the rampant media concentration in this country. Personally, I think it's a big problem. I'm convinced the Citytv newsroom in Toronto is going to end up decimated by the sale to Bell Globemedia. Look at their ratings: they're TERRIBLE! Once the CTV takeover is complete I wouldn't be surprised if the new ownership boots every single one of those folks onto the street (except for the entertainment reporters of course). Everyone at Citytv should do what Adam Vaughan is doing, they should quit while they can and go into politics! Anyway, this rant is for another day.

Check out this article on all these anchor changes in the Toronto SUN, that should shed some light on the current situation with all these people getting thrown into the trash can.

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