Tuesday, September 26, 2006


YOU KNOW, there are prosecutors and then there are prosecutors. Nancy Grace really strikes me as committed to mob justice. This is trial-by-TV-show, what she's doing.

She goes on Headline News and attacks this Melinda Duckett woman and accuses her on national television of murdering her 2-year-old son. Then this woman kills herself.

And instead of leaving her alone now that she's in the grave, Grace is going on and on and on, not letting up with the piling on. Check out this story about it.

She's going on and on trying to prove to the world that this woman was guilty. Well, it doesn't much matter anymore, she's dead, and thanks to Nancy Grace and her badgering we're never going to know the full extent of what happened. We'll never know the truth.

Nancy Grace is a woman in dire need of a cup of coffee, or something. Someone has to put a stop to Nancy Grace's irresponsible, one-sided, prosecutorial rants. On her show, it's always "guilty-until-proven-innocent". That's what bothers me about her show. She may be entertaining. But fair and balanced, well, she sure isn't.

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