Thursday, September 21, 2006


Well it turns out that it wasn't NBC that won Monday night after all. It was... ESPN.

Their broadcast of Monday Night Football and the matchup between Pittsburgh and Jacksonville got a 10.6 rating. That's the second highest rating in the history of cable television! The only event that ranked higher was the Al Gore-Ross Perot CNN debate on NAFTA years ago.

That rating is almost double what NBC got for their lineup of Deal or No Deal and these other shows. It means Studio 60 didn't finish second on the night, it finished THIRD. And you can add The Class to the "death pool" watch, because that lame CBS sitcom got KILLED.

But before you crow over the great NFL ratings, know that it's only about two-thirds what Monday Night Football drew when it was on ABC last year. So ABC is running fifth on Monday night--- behind ESPN and the other big 3 networks.

I don't know if putting Monday Night Football on ESPN was such a good idea for Disney. It's great for ESPN, they are getting the best ratings they ever had. But it's terrible for ABC, because nobody is watching the crummy shows on their network on Mondays. What is it they are showing, reality shows and supernannies and the like? A bunch of rubbish. They are mailing it in over there right now, they were better off showing football.

Also, lots of people hate the new ESPN broadcast crew and think they're all amateurs. At least they kept Hank Williams Jr.

These big ratings for cable TV just show that the major networks are losing their dominance in prime time.Think of all the shows on cable that have done well in the US, including The Closer, The Sopranos, Entourage, Nip/Tuck, Monk, The L Word, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report--- on and on. Nobody's gonna be left watching the networks soon at this rate. All the good programming in the US is ending up on cable while all the junk is on the networks.

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