Saturday, September 30, 2006


Well, after a week of embarrassment for the Liberals with dead people seeking membership in the party and so on, and with stories floating around about how Liberal Belinda Stronach busted up Tie Domi's marriage, all we can say now is the time has come for the Liberals to put up or shut up.

Delegate selection is finally here and we will finally know the state of the race. No more of this guesswork, no more of this bragging by Bob Rae's people about how well he is doing. Finally, some hard numbers.

With some 20% of the results in Michael Ignatieff has the lead in delegates, but he is nowhere near close to a first-ballot victory and could be had on later ballots.

Stephane Dion and Bob Rae are fighting for second place right now with Gerard Kennedy already a strong fourth. All I'd say right now is that the only person likely to be really happy with the numbers right now are Dion and his people.

Unofficial, live results are here.

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