Sunday, September 03, 2006


I am in a legal mood tonight, having watched an episode of Just Legal on the WB. I gotta say I'm glad the WB brought that show back, out of the vault. I know they are only running the episodes that were shot before the axe fell on this show last fall, but at least showing these final remaining episodes is a dignified manner for this show to go out.

Speaking of criminal law in California, found an article about Allison Margolin on the Internet, who bills herself as "LA's dopest attorney".

She seems to be quite a character. She's only 28 years old but is a Harvard-trained criminal defense attorney and people are writing her up. One of her drug clients describes her as "hot", and she talks the valley girl talk and does the "legally blonde" thing a la Reese Witherspoon, and she wears short skirts to court a la Ally McBeal. She has a promotional video of herself on YouTube and even has a self-promotional blog,

In addition, she loves reading the tabloids and follows all her favorite stars. One of her favorite TV shows is The Girls Next Door, that reality show featuring Hef's girlfriends, and on her blog Allison even bragged loudly that she'd be interested in posing for Playboy. Wow.

All I gotta say is this woman sounds like my kind of woman... except for her obsession with drugs. I worry about that.

It sure seems like this woman is trying to bust every lawyer stereotype out there. Lots of these women in these law schools are these serious types who refuse to ever wear these short skirts, and they work overtime at taking themselves way too seriously. They probably think that reading the National Enquirer is pretty frivolous behavior. There's no way they would ever pose for Playboy, in fact a lot of them would probably say that magazine is demeaning to women and would want that publication outlawed. A lot of women in law school are very big into "feminist legal theory" and other such stuff, and are otherwise totally uptight and career-oriented. Sure seems as if "LA's dopest attorney" is making every effort to be everything that most female lawyers are not. She seems intent on busting all these stereotypes.

This may also be a good way to make a name for herself and get clients. Let's face it: going the "babe" route isn't likely to impress the banker clients of these uptight corporate firms. They won't be impressed by the valley girl schtick. But it sure as heck is going to work on these pot-smoking surfers and these drug dealers who frequent the clubs all the time. As long as she wins in court, right? I'm sure it's a big self-promotion tool. In fact I notice that a lot of these female criminal lawyers in the USA happen to be big lookers- all these telegenic ones who appear on all these legal talk shows on cable TV. I'm sure it's a good way to attract the criminal clientele.

Interesting. Talk about a wild state, that California.

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