Thursday, September 14, 2006


Sure looks from this article I read on the Net that new CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric is a DIVA. Word is CBS has hired Katie's own doctor Jonathan LePook as a medical correspondent! Gee, I wonder who at CBS was reponsible for that hire.

That's not so bad in itself, but word is they are getting rid of Elizabeth Kaledin to make room for him. Kaledin says in the NY Observer that she's devastated. She's upset that all her TV experience is down the drain now that CBS has hired this guy with no TV experience, just because he knows Katie Couric. Well, that sucks, doesn't it? Is this how network news operates? No wonder most guys want nothing to do with this business. But this guy LePook--- well, I guess this redresses the male-female imbalance, eh?

I feel bad for Kaledin. I happen to be a big believer in starting in the lower markets and working your way up, too. I get upset when I see all these idiots with no TV experience thrown on the air in major markets, all of whom look atrocious. Meanwhile, more experienced people can't get out of dumps like Lethbridge and Red Deer because these big-station jobs are being taken by these incompetents. Major-market TV looks increasingly like small-market TV. In fact, the product is looking worse than ever. Now, I have no problem with CBS hiring LePook on a part-time basis as an on-air consultant or commentator or something like that to start out, and work his way up to full-time if he proves himself- after all, his medical degree should count for something. But don't make him a freaking fulltime correspondent right away! This is network television, the big leagues!! Even these lawyers who went into TV news did time at smaller stations or as unpaid legal analysts, they didn't simply walk in off the street!!! He needs to pay his dues like everyone else. And I would have kept Kaledin on the air in some capacity! To shaft Kaledin like this---- what is there to say? This is pretty dismal. Someone at CBS News has fangs, folks.


I won't go into a rant about the rest of what I see from the crummy CBS Evening News other than to say this show was a lot better when Bob Schieffer was anchoring. The changes on the show just suck. Before, they had all these reporters globetrotting around the world and jivin' with Bob from wherever they were, answering his well-thought-out questions. You got an informative, lively newscast. People thought it was great! Now, they show all these loudmouthed people they round up from off the street or wherever they get them from, giving their stupid rants and opinions. Plus you have these big-get timewaster interviews Katie does, and more of these soft stories masquerading as news. Someone should tell CBS News that if we want to watch these type of news show that we can all tune in to Dateline NBC! We don't need this on the CBS Evening News. You tune in the evening news for one reason, to see the news! That's it!

Katie also is having trouble coming up with a sign-off line and is asking the public for ideas. Why can't Katie come up with some closing line herself? I mean, the new folks over at Nightline had their act together, at least, when they came up with their own signoff line after the new anchors took over from Ted Koppel. Those three say "good night, America" every night! Here, Katie Couric is being paid $15 million a year or whatever the heck it is, and yet she can't even come up with a signoff line. She ought to get her own act together and come up with her own bright idea for signing off!

Here's a bright idea from me: "I'm Katie Couric, and greed is good. Goodnight."

Oh yeah, and Meredith Vieira made her debut with The Today Show on NBC Wednesday. At least we know what HER signoff line is. "This is TODAY on NBC!"


In other news I read that plans are about ready for Fox News to finally start up a business channel in 2007. In related news they hired former NBC Today Show host Alexis Glick as the No. 2 to Neil Cavuto at that channel's business operation. That's a sure sign they have some big plans.

Also read that CNBC is starting a business news channel in Africa. That's right, Africa.

And that's the way it is. Good night, and good luck.

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