Sunday, September 24, 2006


Well, did you hear the latest big scandal to hit the troubled Joe Volpe Liberal leadership campaign?! Apparently his team signed up dead people to vote for him.

Ohoooooooo boy. And apparently he's gonna address the whole scandal on Monday. Read it here. Maybe Volpe will drop out. He should give up already.

You know, signing up dead people is a huge no-no. It's obvious the rogue organizers who pulled off this stunt were trying to use these names of dead people to slip past several live ones who didn't have memberships into the hall to vote for Volpe. You're not supposed to do this, you're not supposed to allow people to get a membership unless they follow the rules and pay for it themselves. You hope these ridings will disallow these so-called memberships and not allow these people in to vote.

This is another example of rogue organizers getting a candidate in trouble. You had all this nonsense going on in 2000 during the Tom Long leadership campaign. Long's team of rogues in Quebec signed up a bunch of phony members in Quebec who hadn't paid up, who weren't interested in the party, never heard of Tom Long, and so on and so forth. So Long had to disavow these members and his campaign was mud. In any event there are all kinds of safeguards out there meant to prevent this sort of rogue activity from deciding leadership races. The party headquarters in Ottawa will simply refuse to accept the memberships. I know in the Tory leadership races that there were lots of people turned away for various reasons. There were always a number of people signed up by organizers who signed membership forms, but hadn't paid for their own memberships in the proper manner. So these names all got tossed out by the party and they didn't get to vote. And campaign teams were always on the lookout to make sure they weren't accidentally signing up dead people to vote for them, that sort of thing was bound to blow up in your face. Bottom line is there are all sorts of safeguards and procedures that have to be followed by everyone. You always have to submit these names to the party, and at the riding level they must find their names on the membership list before they are allowed in to vote. It's a credentials issue.

So I don't think we'll have to worry about dead people deciding the Liberal leadership race, this sort of activity never
works and will always be rooted out ahead of time. But it sure can make a candidate look bad.

Next week is the biggest week of the Liberal leadership campaign so far- the delegate selection meetings happen. After next week we'll have a very clear idea about the state of the delegate count going into the convention in December. It looks right now as if Michael Ignatieff is in first place, Bob Rae is in second, and everyone else is in third. And there's no way anyone is going to win on the first or even the second ballot. Really, it's that close.

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