Friday, September 01, 2006


Well, September 1st was the first day of work for new Leafs TV host Jody Vance. She'll be hosting a couple of shows for the Leafs' digital cable network in Toronto, and you can read about it here.

Of course, a year ago Jody was on the air as one of the main anchors over at Rogers Sportsnet. But then she suddenly quit, and she's spent the last year writing a column for commuter paper 24 Hours and hosting a TV special for the CBC. Now she gets to cover a crappy losing team full time over at Leafs TV. The usual losers will say this is a big step down in the world--- going from national exposure at Sportsnet to a light-bulb station that no one watches. It's true: Leafs TV is on the digital tier so you have to pay an arm and a leg to access it. It's basically the Toronto version of the YES network (that cable station in New York that covers the Yankees, which no one in New York City is able to get either.) It's too bad, because Leafs TV looks pretty good, they have lots of minor-league games.

Fortunately, most people in town are able to hear the audio simulcasts of a lot of Leafs TV programming on 640 Toronto, the Leafs flagship radio station. So you can expect to hear Jody on the radio as well, and she'll continue her print column. So much for her "retirement" from sports! When she left Sportsnet, Jody Vance had loudly announced she was quitting sports reporting to get into entertainment, possibly with the Food Network. That didn't last long.

It's interesting that Jody Vance is able to get a sports gig at a point in time when a lot of sportscasters right across the country have been thrown out of work. This year, CORUS shut down its all-sports radio operation in Vancouver, and the infamous CHUM sale/bloodbath hit sportscasters throughout western Canada extremely hard. Of course, last year's disasterous NHL lockout and the move of the Montreal Expos to D.C. was a total nightmare for sportscasters, with several losing their jobs including Chris Cuthbert. But the situation is far worse this year with all these radio and TV operations being closed down. And it's a mess over in Ottawa. They lost their CFL team, and just this week they lost their triple-A baseball team, so radio and TV stations in that town now have their big excuse to get rid of people. I know that CHUM definitely canned at least one of the sports guys in Ottawa this year. Just imagine what it's like to cover sports in Ottawa right now. What's left to cover there, except hockey?!

Jody Vance has to count herself lucky to even get hired to do sports in this climate. Everyone else has to think about covering fires and dead people for a living. Or they can start packing their bags to go cover football and baseball full-time in the 'States--- just like Jody's former Sportsnet colleague Hazel Mae is doing over at NESN, covering the stinking, choking Boston Red Sox. Almost as bad as covering the stinking Leafs.

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shes so hot. one time i saw her comming out of the bank wearing really tight black pants with no pockets on the back, clearly wearing a thong or g-string. shes so sexy.