Monday, September 25, 2006


WELL, the TV death pool is completely screwed up. Here you are, trying to pick the first show to be "cancelled", and then this happens.

FOX announces two shows are going on early "hiatus"- which basically amounts to a vote of non-confidence in your show by the network. But it doesn't mean you are "cancelled", yet. It means you are sort of cancelled, or as good as cancelled, but not officially cancelled.

What was it, three episodes for Happy Hour? I think it was four for Justice. Talk about the trigger being pulled fast, that's two shows in one blow tossed from the FOX network. Those execs are obviously impatient over there. Obviously, it's my fault Justice is gone- I didn't watch the last two weeks. In any event, FOX has announced that both shows are going on an early hiatus from the schedule--- so while they aren't technically "cancelled", well, they might as well be. Both shows were getting killed, in fact Justice was almost beaten by America's Next Top Model, on the CW last week. Justice almost finished in fifth place. I noticed CTV here in Canada had basically given up on Justice, they didn't even bother to air last week's show in its normal Wednesday time period.

Right now they say Happy Hour will return with "new episodes" in November but that means nothing, all that means is they are just going to run what's left of the shows that have already been shot. They are going to rerun the pilot episode of Justice on the 29th, but no word if any more episodes will be shown. Anyway, both shows look as good as dead.

It also looks like 'Til Death will stay on the air a little longer, they are airing a full hour of that show to make up for the loss of Happy Hour. But it's obvious that show isn't going to be around very long, either, they just want to fill the time. FOX is also going to air some House episodes in the Justice time slot.

This seems to be the latest trend: instead of yanking a show completely from the schedule, you put them on "hiatus", which is basically the same thing. Keep in mind that when Arrested Development was cancelled, this is exactly what happened to them, they got put on some sort of hiatus. The executives at FOX never came out and said "Arrested Development has been cancelled", because they figured to get inundated with e-mails from people calling for heads to roll at the FOX network. Anyway, if you bet on Happy Hour and Justice in your cancellation pool, I think you stand to collect some money.

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Classic said...

_ABC's 2nd season Rodney sitcom had been on hiatus last Spring until seven new episodes were announced for the early summer along with the George Lopez show. Maybe two episodes were aired.