Thursday, September 07, 2006


Well, THE CAIRNS BLOG is back with our annual live continuing coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival.

I'll probably be blogging about it more this year in light of my own personal involvement in this festival as a volunteer, but I make no guarantees. For one thing, I may not be able to get to a computer as often as I would like because I'll be sitting in some dimly-lit theater, watching a movie. The other thing is that the NFL season begins tonight. Miami is travelling to Pittsburgh tonight, and this weekend will be filled with college football and NFL action. So obviously I'm very happy and excited about that and will be glued to the TV set. So don't count on me doing much Film Festival posting for at least a couple of days, though I will try and post something tonight.

Those of you who have tuned in to my coverage of this Film Festival in the past know that usually my coverage is pretty bad, it consists of me star-gazing and gushing over some hot actress or somebody like that. No surprise here, there will be more of that nonsense. But I have some big plans for much more edifying coverage this year. I'm going to rant about movies I actually plan to see and give my thoughts and opinions. I'm also going to put up some links to some informative websites that are covering this thing in depth.

I also plan to go down to the Citytv building tomorrow night for that big Film Festival event they are throwing that will be shown live on TV--- I've found that's an easy way to see a few stars, plus it's a good way to find out about what movies are playing in town so that will help me decide which movies I might want to see. Also, I will be in Yorkville quite a bit so I'm sure there will be plenty of star-gazing going on down there. Usually a bunch of gawkers hang out at the Four Seasons because they figure that's another easy place to catch a glimpse of the celebrities.

Actually, you never know where these stars will turn up. One time this summer I was down at Fairview Mall, far from Yorkville and the downtown core. And it turned out they were shooting a movie there, Camille, starring Sienna Miller. So I'm convinced that I might have caught a glimpse of this big movie actress. I guess I'll have to actually see the movie.There was another time when a movie shoot was going on in Toronto and I was convinced I saw Albert Brooks. So you never know who you will see.

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