Saturday, September 23, 2006


I could go on and on about the Guy Fournier resignation and all that, but who cares. All I have to say is that his scatalogical comments in the press were beyond embarrassing.What a loser, and good riddance. Now on to more important matters, like the stuff on CBC television.

Here's an article I found in Eye Weekly this week about the CBC and the new fall season for them. And they talk a bit about the CBC and what it ought to do to get out of its ratings doldrums.

You know, there's all kinds of talk out there about the CBC's problems and so on and so forth. And everyone has had their say about what they would do with the place, but unfortunately, most of the ideas I've heard sound just terrible. Everyone seems to want to totally wreck the CBC and drive out every good show left. You have people who want to get rid of all the sports. Then you have people who want to get rid of the American shows like the Simpsons and Frasier. Then there's the people who want to get rid of the Hollywood movies. Then still more want to get rid of the British shows. And others will toss out all the comedians. And on and on and on and on.

Why don't they simply get rid of all the shows on the CBC, then, and put up a test pattern? I'm convinced most of these people- interest groups, generally- would destroy the CBC given the chance. Anyway, I look at what the CBC is doing and I can't say I'm very inspired, either. Honestly, there's nothing much in the way of "appointment television" on this lineup, certainly not like what you get with CTV and their programs like Canadian Idol.

What is there? Hockey Night in Canada, and that's it. But they're going to lose the hockey rights to CTV pretty soon from what we are hearing. If they lose the hockey rights they are in big trouble, because the one thing going for the CBC is their sports coverage. I will say that the CBC made a good play to get the rights to World Cup Soccer back again, that sport is on the rise in Canada and viewership is up. And besides, they needed to do something to make up for the loss of the Olympics.

I have a few ideas about the CBC and what direction it should go - it should be younger, hipper, should clean house of some old shows and add a few popular British ones., more sci-fi stuff.. and I'll write all about my various exciting ideas later.

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