Monday, September 11, 2006


Well it has been five years since those horrific attacks on the USA happened, and you can catch live coverage and a look back at what happened at, and, among other places. They have streams of their coverage from five years ago. CNN had Aaron Brown anchoring and where is he now, eh?

In fact, pretty much all the big anchors from that day are gone. Tom Brokaw retired, Dan Rather resigned pretty much in disgrace, and Peter Jennings died. And of course Brown was fired. Hard to believe, when you think of it, that all those anchors left so quickly not so long ago. As for Fox News, they had Shepard Smith up on top of the roof of a building. I guess 1 out of 5 isn't bad.

You know, it's really awful what happened on 9/11. Just think, too, if you happen to have a birthday or an anniversary on September 11th. At the very least, all your relatives should remember the date so they have no excuse to not send you a card or something. And everyone will probably laugh about the date in which it falls on the calendar. You have to laugh about it, otherwise what else is there to do but cry?

What can you say? These terrorists have ruined this day for all time. Anyway, check out the coverage.

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