Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The big story out of Hollywood today is that Paramount Pictures has cashiered Tom Cruise and his production company that he runs with Paula Wagner. Chairman Sumner Redstone directly cited Cruise' s erratic behavior as a reason for the split.

For his part Cruise says it was his decision to walk away. Nice spin, PR people. I gather, watching Access Hollywood tonight, that it ultimately came down to a dispute over money. Paramount wanted a big pay cut, from what I hear. But ain't they all these days. Pay cuts are supposed to be a big thing all over Hollywood these days, the business is taking a bath. I also heard somewhere that another reason why Paramount ditched Cruise was because they wanted to do business with Brad Pitt instead.

I'm sure that the bath that Paramount took on M:i:III was another big reason for this split. They figured that Tom's talk-show craziness of the past year was the main reason why customers didn't bother to show up. Personally, I think Cruise definitely needs to get away from all the Scientology nonsense, and return to following a creed from one of his former hit movies:


Then maybe he'll make some money. If he cares. (Wonder what Mel Gibson thinks of these happenings, his career is in even more trouble than Tom Cruise's at the moment, thanks to his own big fat drunken racist mouth.)

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