Sunday, August 27, 2006


Today was a lousy day to be a sports fan.

I tuned in to Global TV hoping to see a ChampCar auto race from Montreal today, and they barely got started before the race officials red-flagged this lousy race. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that these drivers were having to drive in the dangerous, wet conditions they had to endure. Race officials were absolutely right to red-flag the race.
If they had kept going, somebody would definitely have gotten killed.

Unfortunately, the race never did get re-started. I wasted the day watching the announcers waste time trying to kill off a rain delay, and then eventually I switched the channel in disgust and found a movie on another station featuring, get this, big race fan Ashley Judd. Go figure.

The race will go ahead tomorrow at 10AM. And by the way, that wasn't the only event wiped out by the weather. The finals of the Little League World Series were washed out today, too. So it'll be shown tomorrow night, Japan-versus-the-USA, on ESPN2. The weather has really done a job today. I know, who cares about the Little League World Series, but apparently this is a big deal in the 'States for some reason,. all the soccer moms tune in.

Back to racing. The only good thing about the weather washing out the race in Montreal today is the fact that we've been spared the sight of Paul Tracy getting into yet another fight. Really, Tracy is a big embarrassment. He made some dumb comments a couple of weeks ago, claiming that French drivers keep their helmets on when they fight. Today, Tracy ( at least we think it was him) did a lap around the track wearing a wrestling mask and donning a Quebec flag. And they were handing out T-shirts that said "Sugar Ray Tracy" on them. Someone should remind "Sugar Ray" that there is no fighting in auto racing. This isn't hockey, darnet! It's bad enough to go to hockey games and see boxing matches break out. We've seen enough hockey fights, nobody wants to see auto racing fights, too.

ChampCar ought to be embarrassed. This is making the whole sport look really bush league, really pathetic, with Tracy's carnival antics. This isn't the bleeping WWE! Get a grip, man.


In other weather news Hurricane Ernesto hit Haiti today. It is expected to regain strength and probably hit Florida later this week. The Florida Keys may get hit; and that should mean all these Miami TV stations are guaranteed to go nuts and do streaming live hurricane coverage again. So that's good news for people who like to tune in to that sort of stuff and watch reporters get blown around etc.

Stay tuned for Emmy Award coverage next.

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