Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well, that out-and-out B movie Snakes on a Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson is going to be Number One at the box office, but won't be the huge "monster' hit that was expected. Thirty million my foot, it's going to be a lot less than that. (UPDATE): In fact, I checked again, and now it looks like it may not even make it to Number One after all. It may just finish second, behind Talladega Nights.

That's strange, because this movie was hyped up like no tomorrow in the press and everywhere else. I remember when I was down at the Grand Prix in Toronto, and they were hyping this movie even then! There was some booth set up where people could get photos taken of themselves, sitting inside a plane with the snakes. And they had hyped Wedding Crashers at the same event the year before, and that turned into this big sensation that people flocked to see, so you would have thought the same thing would happen with Snakes on a Plane. And the reviews aren't so bad for this flick, either. In fact, they're pretty good. I'm surprised it's not doing roaring business with all this going for it.

Maybe it's my theory again about how people feel they've gotten burned and ripped off this year by some of these clunkers at the movie theaters, so now they are inclined to think all these summer movies are a total waste of money and won't give these latest flicks a chance--- though word of mouth seems to be helping World Trade Center a lot. But that's really the only one getting great word of mouth. Perhaps this is too much of a "cult" movie for the general public's tastes. I read that the audience tracking for Snakes on a Plane was kind of sub-par, so we really shouldn't be surprised. And come to think of it ET and Access Hollywood didn't do too many features about this movie, either, they are too busy covering JonBenet Ramsey and Paris Hilton's new CD. Maybe, just maybe, people are simply too freaked out about air travel at the moment.

Speaking of B movies, it sure seems like the B flicks are being rolled out in droves right now. They just rolled out Accepted about a bunch of rejects who decided to start up a college of their own, and soon they're going to serve up Beerfest.

I suppose they want to go after the college crowd one last time before they have to hit the books. Or maybe they're just trying to get rid of all their junk releases now, while they can. Hey, summer is still on. Why not, eh?!

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Lyndon said...

I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie Snakes on a Plane doesn't make it to number one. A lot of the hype on the internet, were people making fun of the ridiculous of the movie.

I think this has been one of the most disappointing summers at the movies.