Monday, August 28, 2006


So I guess that whole week's worth of coverage by all these cable news channels on the JonBenet Ramsey case was a total waste of time for everyone.

Now John Mark Karr's lawyers are whining about what a raw deal Karr got from the media, but the fact is this nitwit brought this media circus on himself when he "confessed". And last I checked everyone was reporting that his story was unraveling anyway, so you can't say the media was going on a witchhunt on this one.

This proves to me that when it comes to major criminal cases that it doesn't matter whether there are cameras inside the courtroom or not, the fact is the media circus is going to happen regardless. Here, John Mark Karr was never even put on trial, and yet the media circus happened anyway. Everyone was all over this freaking case, and Karr was in court for all of, what, two minutes, waiving his extradition hearing?

I kind of hope this puts an end to the media circus for a while, but really, it doesn't take very much for the media to go nuts on any of these sorts of stories these days.

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