Monday, August 21, 2006


Well, ABC's Good Morning America has added a new news anchor to provide a male presence on that morning show. He's Chris Cuomo and he used to cover the justice/legal beat for the network. Actually, he still does, but this new gig starts in September.

Word is that GMA had a lot of trouble finding a male presence for this show. I think this is largely because guys hate doing TV news and there is a significant male anchor shortage in the news business at the lower levels, plus who wants to work on GMA?! Have any of you watched that show? The topics are so female-oriented that it is a joke, it's cooking and parenting and all that other around-the-house stuff. Yecch. Guys automatically press the "click" button and tune to Imus, or to Squawk Box over on CNBC, or if they really want the news they tune in to that funny news chick E.D. Hill and the rest of her friends over on FOX News. No wonder Charlie Gibson wanted out; GMA is no place for guys! Anyway, it's still a good gig, reading the news on GMA, if you can stand the hours. Maybe it'll lead to something better.

Here's a profile of the new anchor from a while back. Of course Cuomo comes from a famous political family, which has invited comparisons to John F. Kennedy, Jr. as a result. In fact, he has a law degree (just like JFK Jr.), worked briefly for a Wall Street law firm, and then dropped law for journalism. He got his start in TV working for, get this, Geraldo.

This is a definitely a victory for lawyers in TV news and a clear victory for the "tabloid news values" which I support and endorse. A guy who worked for Geraldo is on Good Morning America! There's hope for TV news yet.

(I'm kidding again, folks.)

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