Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Well, get this. Fidel Castro is going to go under the knife for intestinal surgery and is being forced to temporarily relinquish power in Cuba while he does that. North Korea is sabre-rattling again and firing shots, and the Israelis called off their 48-hour moratorium on air strikes on Hezbollah in Lebanon. All these big stories; the world is basically coming to an end.

And yet, in spite of all this doom and gloom, what's the story everyone is talking about? As usual, it's none of the above, folks. It's Mel Gibson.

His drunken DUI arrest in California and his drunken anti-Semitic comments, and the allegations of preferential treatment by the police and an alleged cover-up- why, this is the type of story that makes the day of any LA-based news reporter. This is why being a reporter in LA is a great job, because you get to go nuts covering a silly story like this. Barbara Walters was on The View the other day saying she wasn't going to go to any Mel Gibson movies any time soon. Gibson's name is mud.

Anyway, the folks at www.tmz.com have owned the story since the start, and you may as well check out what they are doing because they are killing everyone on this story. (TMZ is run by the same people who brought you Celebrity Justice on TV a while back. Too bad that show was cancelled, they would have gone nuts over the Mel Gibson story, that's for sure. )

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