Thursday, August 31, 2006



Today is the final day for Bob Schieffer anchoring over at CBS News, and Katie Couric is supposed to make a cameo appearance on the broadcast tonight, as well. But I'm not going to talk about that. No, no. Instead I'm going to talk about Kyra Phillips!

Her infamous trip to the CNN washroom, with her microphone live and transmitting her comments about her "control freak" sister-in-law over top of George W. Bush's speech in New Orleans on the anniversary of Katrina--- what else is there to say? This is total humiliation for CNN and for Kyra Phillips. I noticed it was the top story on Inside Edition the other day. The folks over at Fox and Friends did a parody of the whole thing. And the clip of the incident is sweeping YouTube. Also, all the stand-up comedians are having a field day and wondering about how thanksgiving dinner is going to go for Kyra Phillips.

You know, this is scary stuff for broadcasters. In fact, when I was at The Score I noticed there were times when broadcasters who wore these portable microphones had to be told to shut them off, because their mikes were live! So their comments were blasting into the control room and risked going live onto the air! But I don't think they ever had an incident like what went down at CNN the other day. The worst thing that probably ever happened to them was that viewers thought some stagehand was muttering something behind the scenes, no one at home cared! That's what happens, though, if you work at The Score or some 24-hour place where most of the programming is live. They're all high-tech, so they get their anchors to wear these portable mikes. And you could leave them on by mistake when you go off to have a bite to eat or something like that, so it's really easy for these broadcasters to say embarrassing things and have these words broadcast to the entire world.

Bottom line is that what happened to Kyra Phillips was no fluke occurence. You would think people would simply shut their mikes off but it sounds to me that maybe the mikes accidentally got switched back on, or something. That what it sounds like to me. I sure hope Phillips isn't fired because of this, firings seem to happen a lot at CNN.

You know, Shepard Smith said the words "blow job" on the air at Fox News one time and was so apologetic afterwards and embarrassed for himself, and he managed to keep his job. That was another really humiliating moment. Everyone makes mistakes, so maybe Kyra's career isn't in the, uh, toilet after all. Look on the bright side, Kyra Phillips only trashed her control freak sister-in-law. At least she didn't make inflammatory comments about ethnic groups over the air--- unlike a certain inebriated Hollywood personality who shall remain nameless (Mel Gibson).

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