Saturday, August 26, 2006


CNN and all the usual hurricane hunters are going ape over the prospect of Tropical Storm Ernesto becoming a hurricane. In about five days this storm is going to be over the Gulf of Mexico and could be a major hurricane by then. Or maybe it will just fizzle out. But the National Hurricane Center is predicting a hurricane could be coming and that it could be a strong one, Category 3 possibly.

This is really going to mess up the "Katrina- One Year Later" coverage that these networks have all planned- especially if another hurricane hits New Orleans. Good grief, that's the last thing that Gulf region needs, more hurricanes! They're STILL trying to clean up from all the hurricanes that smashed the entire Gulf Coast last year. Everyone forgets that it wasn't just New Orleans that got hit by Katrina, it was also Mississippi. Biloxi is apparently still a mess after all the damage that was done there. And it was Rita that blasted the part of Louisiana that Katrina didn't hit, and Miami was of course hit by something like eight hurricanes in fifteen months. The entire hurricane zone is a mess.

Anyway, nothing's happened yet, so in the meantime keep an eye on the developments and check out these informative hurricane websites:

And of course you might as well check out and because you know that everyone in New Orleans will freak right out when they hear about this.

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