Monday, August 21, 2006


Boy, the more I hear about this John Mark Karr character the less I like about him. It sure looks like this guy is definitely going to jail, for something. Whether it's for murder remains to be seen, though, his story is full of holes.

Anyway, the big controversy surrounds his great flight out of Thailand to the USA. Apparently it cost something like $2400 for his seats and he was on the plane in first class, drinking champagne and living it up. Our local paper the Toronto Sun had a big cow over this, calling him a "Snake on a Plane". I'm sure the folks at New Line are impressed by the headline, that movie needs all the help it can get.

Now Karr's locked up in LA in a jail that, according to a CNN report, once housed other famous celebrity jailbirds like O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake. Fitting.

As well, some more details have emerged about why Karr was in Thailand. It sure looks like this guy was preparing to have a sex change operation done. He was going to get all his facial hair removed! And one of these TV shows (I think it was E.T.) ran a video of him from several years ago, showing him wearing a ridiculous-looking mullet haircut! Wow. All I can say is this guy is definitely not someone I'm impressed with.

He's supposed to be shipped out to Colorado at some point soon from what I gather, and then maybe they can figure out whether there is a DNA match and so on and so forth. All I gotta say is that I am definitely creeped out by this character. What a bizarre life. And this is probably the last time I'm going to post about the JonBenet Ramsey case here because, really, this blog tries to be a family show and I am definitely repulsed by John Mark Karr and the details coming out about this case. This is getting to be too much. Yecch.

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