Sunday, August 27, 2006


Stephen Colbert's statement sums it up.

It's tough watching your favorite shows lose all night, or not even get nominated; meanwhile Manilow wins an Emmy. Life is not fair.


Several big upsets tonight. Steve Carell lost to Tony Shalhoub that guy from Monk, Mariska Hargitay won for Lead Actress over Kyra Sedgwick, Geena Davis and everyone else, and Blythe Danner beat the entire cast of Grey's Anatomy. And Julia-Louis-Dreyfus just won for Old Christine. Well, at least that show is still on, it hasn't been CANCELLED!

And who cares about the lead actor in a drama series, Hugh Laurie got robbed when he wasn't nominated. Anyway, Kiefer Sutherland won for that.

They brought back the original cast of Charlie's Angels for the Aaron Spelling tribute, and yes, Tori was in the audience.

UPDATE: Another upset: The Office beats the cancelled Arrested Development and wins the trophy in comedy. Greg Daniels who heads up the show was once a roommate of Conan O'Brien.

And 24 just won for Drama. So it wasn't such a big year for Grey's Anatomy after all, everyone said they were going to win every award in sight and was hyping that show right up.

Check out the comments over at the live blog at TVSquad, a few upset people who can't believe some of the people who got robbed --- ie. Gregory Itzin from 24.

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