Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The summer is almost over, finally, and so are all these junk summer reality shows on TV. Hell's Kitchen wrapped it up, Treasure Hunters and So You Think You Can Dance are ending, and we'll soon know the winners of Big Brother All-Stars and Rock Star: Supernova. And a big fat good riddance to America's Got Talent, at least for a while, too. So the good news is all these lousy reality shows are going to be done pretty soon.

Unfortunately, the other junk reality shows out there are, ahem, coming back.

Dancing With the Stars is returning to ABC and you won't believe who they lured over to be on the latest version of their show. This is too good. Tucker Carlson of MSNBC pundit fame is going to be on the show, dancing away. As well, Jerry Springer is going to be on. You know, Jerry is already on the Worst Show on TV, might as well try and make another show go down the tubes, too, while he is at it.

I actually heard that this show was trying to lure over Bill O'Reilly to dance on the show- in his bio O'Reilly said he was a "dancing machine" in the discos in his younger days. And apparently Maria Bartiromo spent some time in the discos, too, in New York from what I read. These might be good people to get for future shows. Would liven things up quite a bit.

But getting Tucker Carlson, man, that's pretty funny stuff. Great casting by Dancing with the Stars. I'm going to have to tune in now, just to see him make a fool of himself.

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