Monday, August 28, 2006


Well, the Emmy Awards got hit with a 14% decline in the ratings from last year's show, almost getting beat by Pirates of the Caribbean over on ABC. And NBC has been spending the day apologizing for that montage at the start of the show that featured a plane crash--- this on a day when a plane went down and killed 49 people.

I didn't think it was such a big deal- it was from Lost after all. But I guess it was pretty insensitive. The show is also getting roasted for several off-color remarks by the people who appeared on the show. The FCC may yet throw the book at the show for Dame Helen Mirren's a$$-over-t!t comments--- and the folks at TVgasm claim that a wardrobe malfunction happened live on the air, too, when The Office won its Emmy. That should be even more fines.

You know, I actually thought it was a successful show otherwise, lots of surprise winners and some very funny moments from Conan O'Brien. But instead NBC is in the doghouse. I guess Americans are bent on turning their country into the most boring one on earth.

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